Yoga at Home


Explosion of Truth Retreat
Bigfork, MT
Jan. 6th-Jan.9th 2022

We are going to explode with our truth this weekend. 

Be held, be loved, be seen. 



There are many masks that we feel we must wear to be accepted by others, pleasing and showing a version of ourselves for someone else.
In Explosion of Truth, we are going to untangle knots of deception we have created to protect ourselves from being vulnerable and living our truth. We create a safe environment to explore the conditioning, beliefs and behaviors we have created to protect ourselves from pain.
Through multiple workshops (listed below) we will invite opportunities to open up and release what no longer serves you and cultivate gratitude.  


We will get clearer on who we are through...




meditation & yoga flows

somatic breathwork

intuitive movement

Cacao Ceremony

intuitively guided workshops




loving 77-minute heart-opening massage

11-card Oracle reading



Also included...


nourishing vegetarian meals

access to fitness center, sauna, steam room

jaw-dropping lodging


This is where this magical weekend is taking place, check this incredible lodge out!

Two Totem Lodge



We will be joined by facilitator Molly Ren. 


Molly is a licensed massage therapist and after working through her own chronic pain and physical body set backs, she’s always felt called to continue to heal and help others heal through Massage Therapy. Having been practicing in this field now for nearly 4 years, Molly’s gift is abundantly clear that she is here to hold space for the body in much deeper ways, like her rejuvenating yoga class each morning. She specializes in being able to feel the spots that are calling for attention and work through the energy blocks that might be showing up; you will feel completely rejuvenated after your 77-minute heart-opening massage with Molly.

We use ceremonial Legacy Cacao in our mindful gatherings.


This will be our last mountain retreat until Summer 2022. 


The main photo for this page was not taken in/near the retreat space. We used this photo because it captures the spirit and nature of this special weekend. 

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Costa Rica
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