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"The Full Story"


Zen Ren Healing Arts was Founded by Molly Ren in 2019. Having a vision for wanting to bring a balance of relaxation and deep healing into each session, she believes in offering an all-inclusive price offering add on's and deep tissue work always included.
Now, Zen Ren Welcomes Paige MacIntyre to the team!


Molly Ren

My name is Molly Ren and I am the owner/founder of Zen Ren Healing Arts!
My journey of health started in my High School years when I was dealing with chronic back pain. It wasn't until I fell in love with my Yoga practice and realized how deeply holistic healing was aiding my body, mind, and spirit.
In 2017, I went through my Yoga Teacher Training only to soon follow graduating from The Colorado School of Healing Arts for Massage Therapy in 2018. 
I know I am right where I am meant to be.
I've always been called to the path of being a vessel for those on the journey of self-healing.

My practice specializes in Deep Tissue, Recovery, and Integrative, intuitive massage. Some experience I have is with high-end athletes, people in recuperation from injuries and surgeries, oncology clients, as well as, chronic pain, and chronic stress clients.



Paige MacIntyre

Paige MacIntyre attended The Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy in Colorado Springs where she became certified in Neuromuscular Massage.
She has been practicing since 2015 along
with sports, range of motion, pre-natal, reflexology, and hot stone.
Paige has also been trained
in Thai Yoga Therapy and Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage. Her style is an integration of these modalities, intuition, and listening to your body.

Paige has lived around Summit for 5 years and currently living in Fairplay. She enjoys
snowboarding, hiking, camping, or in the city listening to live music. She is passionate about
plant medicine, trauma healing, and bodywork.


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