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"The Full Story"


Zen Ren Healing Arts was Founded by Molly Ren in 2019. Having a vision for wanting to bring a balance of relaxation and deep healing into each session, she believes in offering an all-inclusive price offering add on's and deep tissue work always included.


Molly Ren

My name is Molly Ren and I am the owner/founder of Zen Ren Healing Arts!
My journey of health started in my High School years when I was dealing with chronic back pain. It wasn't until I fell in love with my Yoga practice and realized how deeply holistic healing was aiding my body, mind, and spirit.
In 2017, I went through my Yoga Teacher Training only to soon follow graduating from The Colorado School of Healing Arts for Massage Therapy in 2018. 
I know I am right where I am meant to be.
I've always been called to the path of being a vessel for those on the journey of self-healing.

My practice specializes in Deep Tissue, Recovery, and Integrative, intuitive massage. Some experience I have is with high-end athletes, people in recuperation from injuries and surgeries, oncology clients, as well as, chronic pain, and chronic stress clients.


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