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For us, the best part about Zen Ren Healing Arts is building relationships with our customers and making sure they leave happy and satisfied. We’ve included some of their feedback below to give a snapshot of what it’s like to work with us. If you have feedback or a testimonial you’d like to add, feel free to reach out today.

"Molly is simply the best massage therapist I have ever encountered and that is saying a lot because I have medical issues and have been going to massage therapists for over 20 years! She applies the perfect pressure and she reads the body. I had been driving for 4 days, riding horses, and climbing hills. My disc started acting up again and I needed to release the pressure. Molly was amazing! She found every ache and made it go away. I could go on for days raving about her but I won’t! If you need a great massage go to Radiant. You will not be sorry!! It is worth every penny. The friendly atmosphere and the genuine care of their clients is refreshing."


“Okay, real life example! I always told myself massages were too expensive and a 'treat' like only once or twice a year (bullshit). I started getting them twice a month, because I’m worth it and so are you!
Ya’ll I feel like a new person, massage is another level to self-care and love. I wish I had realized the value years ago.
Alas, here I am, a lesson learned and sharing with you.”

Kelsey Crookshanks, @drivenbyplants

“Perfect for achy muscles & any muscle spasm. I royally messed up my neck last weekend snowboarding and this has significantly helped my constant muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders. Molly makes the best topical I have ever tried. Huge fan of how it helps medically & honestly, a little blown away on the effectiveness.”

Will Sasser, @sasserglass

“Zen Ren lotion has cured all my aches & pains from hiking, climbing & generally working out. After a hard sweat, I rub some of this lotion all over & within minutes I notice relief!
I also have heart disease so during my cardiac events I rub this all over my chest & it helps ease my pains/chest tightness greatly. If you have anxiety this is a lifesaver in triggering situations as well...basically get Zen Ren CBD lotion for any of your body & mental needs! It’s pure gold! Molly is a magical witch who makes magical creams.”

Alyssa Lambert, @lysslambert

“The first time I had my husband put the topical on my back, a few minutes later I was like ‘Am I imagining this?’
It helped relieve my upper back from sitting at a desk all day.
My husband had used that type of product before, but not me. 
The sunscreen/chapstick smells like heavenly cupcakes!”

Carly Siegle, Founder of @rootandleaf_

“Girl, I did what you said & we used that concrete one on my leg, J's tattoos, and his hands.... & omg!!!!
It helped with my leg pain & Js hands but I really wish I would have taken a before & after of his color tattoos because the difference was unbelievable it looked like when you get a new tattoo & the colors are all vibrant! 
That chapstick is life ... I may never use a different one again!!!!!"
(see photos)

Brooke & Justin Michiels, @b.happycamper @nomadicninjawarrior

“Oh my god, I had to tell you right away, just tried the CBD lotion & that higher dosage this time made all the difference. I’ve been dealing with a piercing migraine all day! I just rubbed a little into my neck & no joke, in seconds, instant tension relief! I’m feeling my migraine getting duller and I barely used any!”

Abigail, @luckoftheirish_333

“I’m so in love with the CBD lotion! My knees were a bit inflamed the other day & I used a very little bit & the pain went away & so did the swelling! No more days off due to knee pain and clicking!”

Emma Newton, @f1gnewt0n

“Hi there! I just wanted to let you know I got my order & I LOVE IT! My desk job has been rough this week but I can safely say the lotion has helped loosen my back & neck tension; & the lotion smells amazing! Thank you so much!”

Caitlin Hepworth, @sunwaave

“Oh my god my arms were dead last night & I used your salve & was feeling 90% better when I woke up this morning!”

Alexandra Mollon, @mollonwarriorprincess

“I like that it’s not as oily as some other salves and smells really good too!”

Anonymous Client

"Wife and I were in town for an extended weekend. Booked massages thru Radiant Mountain. The new location was awesome! Molly & Rob did a wonderful job, very relaxing and we felt great the rest of the day. We get massages regularly, so we have a very high standard. The hot stones with Molly was great for sore muscles."


"Great massage, she did a great job getting kinks out of my neck and shoulders! Thank you and look forward to next appointment"

Peter G

"I found Radiant Mountain Massage online. I have had a lot of massages prior to this one. I had a fantastic deep tissue massage with Molly – one of the best I have had. The atmosphere was wonderful and I became totally relaxed, which never happens. Molly also used long strokes, which I love. I am already looking forward to my next massage at Radiant Mountain Massage."

Kathy W.

"This massage was such a great investment in my mental and physical health. Molly was knowledgeable, helpful and soothing. She really helped me to release stress and anxiety stored in my shoulders and neck. I will definitely return."

Maddie Walton

"Absolutely the best massage I have ever received. The sensation of relaxation and balance is with me still!"

Leslie Lee

"Just had the best massage of my life thanks to Molly. She was incredibly friendly and engaging. Perfect for those who ski/snowboard for work. Will certainly be coming back."

Cabot White

"For the first time ever I decided to get a massage done and I'm glad I went here. I got my massage from Molly and she just knew where all the best focus points would be. I can say that there is a 100% chance that I will be coming back!!"

Chris Fanchier

"I got a deep tissue/sports massage with Molly and it was AMAZING. It is one of the two or three best massages I've ever gotten. She used the perfect combination of intense deep tissue, stretching, and the occasional lighter pressure to keep it relaxing. It relieved all of the tightness I constantly have in my back and shoulders from sitting at a computer or standing for long periods. I will definietly be coming back, she is so talented. And she is such a pleasant and wonderful person too! 

Sofiya Diurba

"Very relaxing atmosphere, very kind staff. I left there feeling amazing. Molly is an absolute expert, her healing hands and techniques were just what I needed. I love that she incorporated CBD oils into the massage."

Kayla Fae

"Was recommended by a friend! Molly, my massage therapist, did a fantastic job, was in dire need of a massage and she pulled through. Definitely will be coming back again thank you so much!!!"

Crystal W.

"I had hurt my shoulder snowboarding and Molly came to the rescue with a sports massage. Got back some of my range of motion. She also used some of her CBD lotion that she makes, which helped a lot! Look for Molly when booking, she's the best!!"

Matthew Krieg

"Wonderful enviroment and Molly knew exactly what I needed. If you need a massage, she's the gal for you!"

Debbie Turner

"I have been working with Molly for about a year now and she has gone above and beyond for me always researching new massage techniques that will better suite my needs!"

Clay E.


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