5000mg 1:1 CBD/CBG Full Spectrum Tincture

5000mg 1:1 CBD/CBG Full Spectrum Tincture

Yes, you ARE reading that right!! 
I've spent years not making tinctures because I felt like they were EVERYWHERE but when I decided it was too expensive buying them from somewhere else (for myself), I finally made my own and realized WHY THE HELL ARE COMPANIES CHARGING SO MUCH?

I source my Full Spectrum CBD Distillate and CBG Isolate from Enveed Hemp in California and we 3rd party test.

My goal for this company has always been to SERVE THE PATIENTS!
It hurt my heart terribly knowing that companies are charging an arm and a leg for products.

Using a tincture works a lot more effective in the body allowing for a deeper healing experience.
Same as a vitamin or any other medication, use your tincture EVERY day (as often as needed) for a solid 4 weeks before determining the changes you might notice.

CBG Helps aid in: 

- Fighting Bacteria with Antifungal and Antibacterial properties
- Inflammation (of the gut more specifically) helping in ailments such as IBD

- Aniety and Depression; spikes the serotonin levels
- Bladder disfunction; helps aid in muscle contractions in the bladder
- Kills gastrointestinal cancer cells
- Stimulates appetite
- Neuroprotectant
- Psoriasis
- Strengthening bone density

As we know, CBD also touches on:

- Insomnia
- Seizures/Convulsions/Muscle Spasms
- Inflammation
- High Blood Sugar Levels

Disclaimer: NOT claiming to heal any ailments. Not FDA approved.

Made with:
Organic Hemp Seed Oil infused for 60 days with Organic Vanilla Beans
2,500mg of Full Spectrum CBD Distillate
2,500mg of Isolated CBG 

To Use: dissolve a dropper under the tongue for at least 30 seconds (60 seconds is best) daily or as needed. 

1mL (dropper) = 80mL 

Woman Made, Colorado Made, Organically Made, Made with Love <3 

  • Care Instructions

    Store your 1:1 Tincture in a cool, dry and darker area.
    Shake before use.

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